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1998 - 2007 Suzuki Katana 600/750       
Frame Sliders Black Powder Coated Brackets*
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Kat-A-Tonic (

These sliders came in handy
for me. After a long trip I
pulled up into the driveway and
put the kickstand out... or at
least I though I did. The bike
started to tip and I realized she
was going down no matter what
I did.


The bike sputtered to a stop
and konked out. I shook my
head in disgust and did the
backward walk to pick her up.
The Katana was put back up
and this time I made sure the
kickstand was out. I rested a
minute and attempted to
assess the damage. It seems
the framslider did the job and
kept the bike from contacting
the ground. There was no
damage whatsoever. Thank
you BRAUNSTEIN82 for the

Posted by Anatak

This is a post to give
BRAUNSTEIN82 a public thank
you for creating and selling a
great quality product. Today
while riding my Kat with my
girlfriend, I hit some sand in
the road. This sand was hard to
see due to the lighting of the
street (so please don't flame
me with that you should have
seen it crap). We we thrown
from the motorcycle at 35mph
(I actually think we may have
been doing 45mph not sure).
While sliding on the road I
could see my bike going the
opposite way of us. There were
at least 15 ft. of distance
between myself (once I stop
sliding) and the bike. As I
made sure my girlfriend was
alright, I could see that my Kat
was completely down on the
ground. Down as if I had not
installed any sliders.

I stumbled over to my bike to
access the damages... Not a
scratch... Not a crack lens.
There were minor scratching on
the stator cover. I looked for
my slider and saw that it had
burn down as it slide down the
street at God knows what
speed. I haven't ever
experience anything like this
before. But to walk away from it
with a few scratchs on me(
through my jeans), none on my
girlfriend (I had recently
purchased her a riding jacket),
and none to the bike is pure
divine intervention and an a
testament to BRAUNSTEIN82

So I am writing this post to
encouraged those Kat riders
who have not purchased slider
to purchase them. They really
work! And if you need to
purchase them get them from
BRAUNSTEIN82. His product
absolutely amazed me today.

And for those who are
wondering if my frame is bent.
I checked that out throughly
once I arrived home and no
damage was done to the frame.

Once again BRAUNSTEIN82
thanks for your quality product!
Rear Slider
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Please apply thick tape around frame where brackets are to be mounted ( to protect frame from
scratches and provide a more snug fit).These bracket are designed only to mount frame slider on
to bike, the brackets and sliders are design only for looks and minimal protection in case the bike
is to fall over lightly or fall into a low impact slide, NOT FOR HIGH IMPACT. They are design to bend
to absorb low impact and break during higher impact so to lessen the risk of bend frame.  Make
sure you use some type of thread sealer on the sliders bolting hardware. You mount these at your
own risk. The sellers of the brackets are not liable for any damages to your motorcycle, persons, or
frame slider/brackets. The seller nor maker of this product warranties the vehicle this mounted to
nor product. These are custom designed and ordered.
Hard to believe but that exhaust can cost more to replace than the
plastics. So now we offer a rear exhaust slider to match the rest of
our sliders. These will fit on all katanas and most other bikes as well.
The are designed to be slim and sleek, so not to be noticable or and
eyesore. All fuction of the rear pegs will remain. Its $35 by itself or
$30 with the purchase of front frame sliders. Look in Slider Options.
Slider Options
Free Shipping On all Sliders
US only $30 out of US
Suzuki Katana Frame Sliders and Brackets
1998 - 2007 Katana 600/750
No Drilling!!!! No Cutting!!!!  No Fairing Removal Required!!!
The only slider for sale with real testing and reviews

Easy to install, in about 20 minutes.

Professional manufactured
with Counter sunk flathead screws for
a flush design.

Aluminum multi piece bracket design, to prevent the frame from
being bent.

The slider pucks are made of black delrin to absorb impact and
drag. Heavy impact and drag can put lots of pressure on the
frame, which is common with aluminum or steel slider pucks. That
is why we use delrin plastic.

No need to guess what sliders will fit. Comes with matching and
tested sliders.

I have been producing these for over 7 years with over 400 sets
sold. The have been tested in several actual accidents with 100%
positive feedback.
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